Double Your Impact!

For the past five decades, many folks just like you have been part of West Valley Arts Council's story. These individual stories have shaped how we've evolved and have been able to continue serving the West Valley today.

Sandi Staehle is such a person. She shares a powerful story of impact with her late husband Keith. Together, they have contributed time, funds and invaluable energy towards the arts because they believe in the power of the arts and serving in spaces that are community-focused. They chose to be part of West Valley Arts Council because of our vision for art and culture in the West Valley and our commitment to artists, youth, and meaningful events.
In honor of her husband, Sandi is investing $5,000 towards our future growth of programs and events within the West Valley community.

We invite you to become a part of this story!

Your gift of $25 or more will be matched by our generous supporter Sandi  in effort to raise $10,000 toward the growth of art and culture in the West Valley!

Consider a gift today and share in our legacy and continued impact in West Valley communites.