About Us

Our Vision

We envision the West Valley as a premier destination for ALL communities to connect and engage in world class art and cultural experiences.

Our Mission

We cultivate inclusive arts and culture in the West Valley by providing resources and fostering connections.

Our Work

West Valley Arts Council is a 501c3 nonprofit that serves the 13 municipalities that make up the West Valley by acting as an advisor and advocate for inclusive art and culture, a creator and facilitator of innovative arts education programs for all ages, a resource and for local artists, and provider of leadership in identifying trends and impact of art and culture in the West Valley. Through strategic partnerships we use our resources to connect and strengthen communities by growing art and cultural opportunities that include ALL people.

West Valley Arts Council was incorporated as the Cultural Arts Society West in 1969, and changed its name to the West Valley Arts Council in 1989 to reflect a broader, more inclusive vision. WVAC has been central to creating what is recognized as a “high quality of life” for West Valley residents, and is the only multi-disciplinary arts organization of its type and scope in the Valley.


  • 1992 Inaugural Best of the West
    West Valley Fine Arts – The Arts
  • 1993 Governor’s Art Award
    West Valley Fine Arts
  • 2001 Best of the West: Service to Communities
    Gallery 37
  • 2005 Best of the West: Arts, Entertainment & Sports
    West Valley Fine Arts – Full Season
  • 2007 Best of the West: Arts, Culture & Entertainment
    West Valley Culture and Heritage Blueprint
  • 2008 Best of the West: Arts, Culture & Entertainment
    Big Read – To Kill a Mockingbird
  • 2013 Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce
    Non Profit of the Year
  • 2015 Governor’s Art Award
    Gallery 37
  • 2019 Best of the West: Quality of Life Community Award