IMPRINT: Celebrating Cultural Diversity in Arts, created and launched in 2020 by West Valley Arts Council, is specifically designed to recognize artists of color in and around the valley.  We believe artists of color have made significant and positive contributions to our communities through the arts. West Valley Arts Council seeks to highlight those impressions through ongoing exhibitions, workshops and lectures. 

Currently, our three major pillars are African Americans in the Arts, Viva la Cultura, and Weaving American Indian Stories. With these three focused exhibitions and coinciding lectures and workshops, our community will be provided with increased opportunity to frequently engage with the richness, beauty, and unique perspective of the diverse cultures existing in the valley.

Our 2022 Exhibition Calendar 

January 14 - February 25

IMPRINT: African Americans in the Arts

Reception: Jan 14, 4pm - 7pm 

March 4 - April 8

IMPRINT: Weaving American Indian Stories

Reception: March 4, 4pm - 7pm

September 16 - October 23

IMPRINT: Viva La Cultura

Reception: September 16, 4p - 7pm 

Upcoming IMPRINT Events

March 12, 2022

IMPRINT Festival 

Workshops - TBD

More details coming soon