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West Valley Arts is seeking to expand our Creative Aging Teaching Roster! We are currently hiring certified Creative Aging artists. While our Creative Aging programs are typically conducted in person and off-site, we will be offering an online learning experience in order to support older adults in isolated and at-risk communities across the West Valley.

WVAC provides professionally trained teaching artists to go out and conduct engaging and meaningful visual arts, music and dance classes that enhance residents’ sense of control, mastery and independence. WVAC trains teachers on the following topics:

  • The Aging Process’ Effect on the Arts
  • Current Best Practices of Teaching Older Adults
  • How Sense Memory and Sense Imagination Can be Evoked Through the Arts
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Difficult Memories
  • Challenges with Dementia and How to Adapt
  • How to Communicate Effectively
  • Successful Elements to an Interactive Art Experience
  • And More!

We are always seeking a balance of art forms, backgrounds, and approach in our program. If you are interested in sharing your artistic talents and delivering engaging community programming to older adults in the West Valley, you can apply for our next teacher training session. All art forms are welcome!

A special thanks to the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust for their generous funding and support!

For any inquiries or to submit your application, please email Melody Kokora, Programs and Event manager, at [email protected]