Local Artist Creates Mural for New Fry's Food Store in Surprise

Published on January 28, 2023 by West Valley Arts Council
"Beauty All Around" now displayed at Fry’s Marketplace store in Surprise, AZ

West Valley Arts Council (WVAC), in partnership with Fry’s Food Stores, a division of the Kroger Family of Stores , commissioned local artist, Garrett Etsitty, to create an indoor mural for the new Fry’s Marketplace at their Asante store in Surprise, opening Wednesday, February 22, 2023. Kroger/Fry’s is committed to enhancing customer experience and community engagement by involving local artists in creating artwork that celebrates the unique identity of the area.  

“We know that the arts have the ability to bring people together and foster a sense of community,” said Michael Denson, Executive Director of WVAC. “We're incredibly grateful that a company like Fry’s understands this significance and the importance of supporting the work of local artists.” 

The mural measures approximately 24 feet wide by 8 feet high and is prominently displayed in the entrance of  the Fry’s Marketplace store located at 16400 N Pat Tillman Blvd., Surprise, AZ 85387. Etsitty’s piece titled, “Beauty All Around,” represents the majestic feel of the beautiful landscape surrounding Surprise. Using a combination of abstract and realism, the artist seeks to acknowledge the traditional nature of the past while leading viewers into the possibilities of the future. "Beauty All Around" depicts two ruby-throated hummingbirds, representing unity and equality, two values that are pivotal and widely shared throughout the community.

Garrett Etsitty (Dine’) was born and raised in Chinle, Arizona. From the petroglyphs on the canyon walls to the stories passed down from his elders, his work draws upon the inspiration of what it means to be a Dine’ person. Garrett uses complex unions of vivid colors and layers to articulate an indigenous understanding of thought, creation, and ideology that moves beyond time and space. Learn more about the artist at www.garrettetsitty.com, Instagram: @krng_1n3.

Frys Marketplace. Photo by Alyse Wallace