New Initiatives 2023

Community Vision Boards

Create more opportunities for those who share our passion for the arts, and those who envision the West Valley as a premier destination for art and cultural activity. The WVAC Community Vision Boards would provide opportunity for community stakeholders, leaders, donors, artists, residents, and advocates to come together to speak into and shape the future of arts and culture in the West Valley.

WVAC Culture Pass

Cultivate and promote art engagement throughout the West Valley. WVAC is developing a culture pass that will provide donors with access to performance venues, special events, classes, local shops, galleries, and many more opportunities through the West Valley and beyond..

Expanded Gallery and Exhibit Locations

Over the next few years WVAC will look to expand its gallery location beyond the main Arts HQ Gallery in Surprise. We will be actively pursuing new physical, mobile, “pop-up”, and partner locations that will provide increased support for local artists, and increased access to art activity for patrons.

West Valley I/O Initiative

“I/O” means “input/output” and in this case, “Into” and “Out from” the West Valley. We are West Valley focused, it’s in our name and organizational DNA. WVAC will begin developing broader relationships with venues, artists, and the art community beyond our own boarders, with a two-fold focus on the West Valley:
Into West Valley: Our aim is to advocate and facilitate more world-class art into the West Valley for the enjoyment, engagement, and benefit of our community.
Out from West Valley: Our aim is to foster greater interest and appreciation for the the West Valley art community by promoting region specific activities throughout neighboring communities and beyond. We will also cultivate relationships that create a broader exposure for West Valley artists.

Graduating Our Current Programs

Laying the groundwork to make important programs like Creative Aging and Gallery 37 more self-sustaining and serve the demands of our rapidly growing communities. WVAC celebrates years of success with our current programs, however an updated framework for those programs means better support for teachers, facilitators, partner organization, and the communities for which they serve.
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