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Executive Summary

For over 50 years West Valley Arts Council has been central to creating what is recognized as a “high quality of life” for West Valley residents. We have been noted as being the only multi-disciplinary arts organization of its type and scope in the Valley having created, implemented, and provided leadership in arts & cultural programing, exhibitions, festivals, performances, and educational resources.

The West Valley region has seen tremendous growth with an influx in population, the construction of new homes and businesses, and rapid changes in technology and trends. In spite of these changes, our work in the arts and culture sector has continued to impact tens of thousands of people every year. The art community plays an important role in the area of change, both unifying communities through shared experience and inspiring hope in difficult times. WVAC consistently advocates for the arts because we have seen first hand how art and cultural activity shapes and reflects who we are as a community and region.

Though greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, we took that opportunity to take a step back and evaluate the needs of the West Valley and reflect on our strengths as an organization. Together with our organizational leadership, staff, and key stakeholders, we are incredibly proud to present an exciting new five year strategic plan. One that is grounded in meaningful arts & cultural engagement, growth of opportunities, accessibility, and adaptive to the changes and challenges of growing communities.

With a clarified Mission and Vision that prioritizes increased access to world-class art and cultural activity, we are excited to launch a five year initiative that will provide the framework for cultivating a powerful arts and culture economy where ALL can experience the healthy and transformational aspects of the arts.
Executive Director

Who We Are

Our Vision

We envision the West Valley as a premier destination for ALL communities to connect and engage in world class art and cultural experiences.

Our Mission

We cultivate inclusive arts and culture in the West Valley by providing resources and fostering connections.

Our Values

We believe that the arts are vital to all communities. The arts create, magnify, and sustain a healthy culture.
We believe that art and culture facilitates interconnectedness and unity.
We believe that art is the key to healthy human connection, healing, and personal well-being.
We believe that art includes all people and is for all people.
We believe the arts promote growth, development and transformation both personally and collectively.

Our Work

West Valley Arts Council is a 501c3 nonprofit that serves 13 municipalities in the West Valley by acting as an advisory and advocate for inclusive art and culture; a creator and coordinator of innovative arts education programs for all ages; a resource for local artists; and provider of leadership in identifying trends and impact of arts and culture in the West Valley. Through strategic partnerships we use our resources to connect and strengthen communities by growing arts and cultural opportunities that include ALL people.


We create and facilitate
innovative programming for art
and cultural experiences.


We act as an advisors and
advocates for an inclusive arts
culture throughout the
West Valley.


We connect and strengthen
communities by growing arts
and culture opportunities
that include ALL people.


We provide leadership in
identifying trends and
impact of arts and culture in
the West Valley.

Strategic Goals

GOAL ONE Cultivate relationships and resources that support new initiatives, organizational sustainability, and the overall creative economy.
GOAL TWO Enhance core operational capacity and staff support.
GOAL THREE Increase the West Valley's connection and to art & cultural activity that is diverse, inclusive, and world-class.
GOAL FOUR Improve advocacy efforts through research based data, survey and assessment, community input, and stakeholder support.
GOAL FIVE Expand the reach and influence of West Valley Arts Council throughout the region and at the state level.
GOAL SIX Achieve financial stability to secure the organization's future and continued community impact.

How we Measure Success

  • Participation in onsite/in person events and programs
  • Number of social media followers and interactions
  • Number of newsletter subscribers
  • Artists registered with WVAC
  • Demand driven growth and expansion
  • Org/brand perception surveys and audits
  • Track online mentions
  • Track customer feedback and reviews
  • Partner and stakeholder interviews
  • Net Promoter Score tool
  • Proliferation of public and private funding
  • Sponsorship aquisition
  • Secured, multi-year partnerships
  • In-kind contributions of goods and services
  • Volunteer Hours
  • Donor retention percentage
  • Number of WVAC advocates and promoters

New Initiatives

Community Vision Boards – Create more opportunities for those who share our passion for the arts, and those who envision the West Valley as a premier destination for art and cultural activity. The WVAC Community Vision Boards would provide opportunity for community stakeholders, leaders, donors, artists, residents, and advocates to come together to speak into and shape the future of arts and culture in the West Valley.

WVAC Culture Pass – Cultivate and promote art engagement throughout the West Valley. WVAC is developing a culture pass that will provide donors with access to performance venues, special events, classes, local shops, galleries, and many more opportunities through the West Valley and beyond.

Expanded Gallery and Exhibit Locations – Over the next few years WVAC will look to expand its gallery location beyond the main Arts HQ Gallery in Surprise. We will be actively pursuing new physical, mobile, “pop-up”, and partner locations that will provide increased support for local artists, and increased access to art activity for patrons.

West Valley I/O Initiative – “I/O” means “input/output” and in this case, “Into” and “Out from” the West Valley. We are West Valley focused, it’s in our name and organizational DNA. WVAC will begin developing broader relationships with venues, artists, and the art community beyond our own boarders, with a two-fold focus on the West Valley:

  • Into West Valley: Our aim is to advocate and facilitate more world-class art into the West Valley for the enjoyment, engagement, and benefit of our community.
  • Out from West Valley: Our aim is to foster greater interest and appreciation for the the West Valley art community by promoting region specific activities throughout neighboring communities and beyond. We will also cultivate relationships that create a broader exposure for West Valley artists.

Graduating Our Current Programs – Laying the groundwork to make important programs like Creative Aging and Gallery 37 more self-sustaining and serve the demands of our rapidly growing communities. WVAC celebrates years of success with our current programs, however an updated framework for those programs means better support for teachers, facilitators, partner organization, and the communities for which they serve.

A New Chapter in our Story

West Valley Arts Council began as an organization committed to strategically elevating arts and culture in the West Valley.

The 2020 Lifecycle Self-Assessment confirmed the organization current challenges and its need to evolve. New leadership and new vision was necessary to propel WVAC into its current moment. A new chapter.

With a revitalized mission, an invigorated staff, and a growing network of advocates and supporters, West Valley Arts Council is excited to continue its 50 year story of building and investing in the creative economy of the West Valley.